Thegchen Phodrang Monastic Guest House

Gantey Gonpa, Wangdue Phodrang | Kingdom of Bhutan

Thegchen Phodrang Monastic Guest House

Thegchen Phodrang Monastic Guest House is located near the grounds of the famous 450 year old Ganteng Monastery. The guest house provides a very gentle and warm environment .
The stays are unique - the monastery guest house accommodations, locations, cultural experience, antiquities, slice of Bhutanese life provide genuine and caring hospitality.

The house has nine rooms with very spacious shower and toilet. The rooms are all fully panelled with charming wooden floors and very good quality bedding materials.

The dining room with simple decor and comfortable furnishings invites you to sit for a steaming hot local meal. Most of the items served (vegetable and fruits) are grown in our own farm or purchased from the farmers in vicinity. The food items served from the farmers are organically grown and harvested using traditional Bhutanese methods.

All proceeds from the guest house goes to meeting the daily expenses of 40 monks studying at Gantey Monastery.

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